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The concepts of mobility and hospitality as the spatial and sensory organization of a temporary urban settlement consist the driving force that forms the architectural project "inhabiting textures".

The concepts are being translated as textures on an open-to-be-inhabited scenery.

A waved metallic platform, warped by a feathered skin of 2000 round pebbles of 10cm radius, occupies a space of 6x3 meters and connects an axis of entrance/exit - light/view. In contrast to the notion of unpersonal standardization, the architectural space unveils itself open, without predominant indications of primary and secondary room functions. The feathered mosaic is spread all over the metallic diagonal grid, defining centers of concentration on a free plan. A different system of metallic tubes organizes the lighting in the ceiling and with its rhythmical density reaches the floor to define a discrete filter of semi private partitions.

feather design

Benaki Museum Athens

18 / 11  -  04 / 12 / 16

INHABITING TEXTURE exhibited at the Benaki Museum in Athens, among other international design competition entries for ROOM18, organized by DOMÉS International Review of Architecture.


The new urban hotel room


ROOM18 International Design Competition

by DOMÉS International Review of Architecture

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